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Emergency Alert Sign Up

Always be notified of any Snow College campus emergency that may happen. When you sign up for the Emergency Alert Notification, and in the event of an emergency on campus, you will be alerted via Text Messaging on what to do, where to go for safety and emergency updates. It is a simple process to sign up.

arrow Emergency Alert Sign-up

This link should direct you to your personal information tab. In the Phone Numbers section, look for "Campus Emergency". Select the pencil icon and add your cell phone. If there is not a “Campus Emergency” option, select the + sign and add it to the options.

arrow Community & Outside Help Sign-Up

Please Note: Generally within 24 hours you will receive a Text Message informing you that you have signed up for the alert system. You don’t have to do anything else. The College will send out a ‘Test’ alert each semester, to let you know you are still on the alert notification system. When you transfer or graduate from Snow College, your number will be deleted from the system.